There is a narrative that has been promoted among Sikhs since the beginning of the 20th Century, which has gradually become the dominant narrative taught in many Sikh instutions across the world.

This narrative is in many ways, as we shall demonstrate throughout this website, against the original the original essence and spirit of the teachings of the Sikh Gurus. Sikhs who follow this narrative are termed by the writers of this site as “Neo-Sikhs”.

“Neo-Sikhism” is a construct which is more political and worldly than spiritual. It is based om creating an aggressive identity based on so many historical fabrications, which are now passed on as unquestionable truths. There is a strong culture of intolerance and intimidation towards anyone who dissents or thinks differently.

This site will produce articles, research and statistics which challenges the narrative of Neo-Sikhs.

It is not an anti-Sikh website. Some of the contributors who are providing material for this site are proud Sikhs. Others are Hindus, who are fed up of implicit attacks and misrepresentation that is promoted about Hindu dharma in the neo-Sikh propaganda machine.

We all respect the Sikh Gurus – believing them to be awakened souls who teach a valid path to spiritual awakening.