Sikh Myths

Challenging narratives of Intolerance of Neo-Sikhs & Khalistanis


This website is NOT an attack on Sikhism – which is a spiritual tradition that we hold in high regard.

The intention is to challenge a particular supremacist narrative that has emerged amongst the Sikh intelligentsia, and in the absence of challenge or alternative, has emerged almost as sacrosanct and unchallengeable, although based on historical half-truths, selective quotation, distortion of scripture, and in some cases outright fabrication.

This supremacist narrative is often linked to territorial separatism from India, but if often subconsciously imbibed by Sikhs who do not necessarily want a separate Sikh country.

The narrative tends to demonise Hinduism and Hindus, and is also extremely intolerant of diversity within Sikh traditions. It is a narrative which has created real-life violence and emnity between neighbours, and will do much harm in the future if the falsehoods upon which this narrative is based are not challenged.


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